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The Return of the Cool Science Show- By Sublime Science

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Glimmer Events Team have a special place in our heart for this superb show as it was the very first show we did in 2020. And it did not disappoint when the act returned to the Art Centre in November 2021!

Boffin John the "Mad Scientist" from Sublime science awed the crowds with amazing experiments and funny routines that caused belly laughs from the audience. He has a magic touch of sneaking in the science so the audience are having so much fun to realise they are learning something too!

"Making Science Awesome... That's what Sublime Science is all about. We inspire children to discover how awesome science can be and provide the type of unforgettable learning experiences that we wish had existed when we were kids! Ways We Make Science Awesome!"


The children also enjoyed the Jersey Library Corner flipping through some interesting science books and being fascinated by their 3D machine!

Despite the reduced numbers and current times, the theatre was alive again and families left with a smile on their faces and slime in their little tubs happy to be able to enjoy a wholesome and memorable live family event again.

What people thought:

"... We loved it!...and the kids were still chanting "and a 1..and a 2...and a 3" at bedtime!!"
" many thanks it was a fantastic show"
"My son and I were laughing so much... great show and I learnt something too!"
"Well done to Glimmer Events and the Arts Centre for "The Cool Science Show" very entertaining , learning whilst fun, kept my child Engaged and proper belly laughing. So lovely to be able to go to proper live events again..."
"I highly recommend the events they are putting on -something so needed for kids in Jersey but be quick because their tickets go fast..."
"Was amazing...Great fun"

Thank you all for your kind words and for your support! see you at the next one!

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