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Glimmer Fusion's Big Bang!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Glimmer Fusion festival burst onto the scene with a dazzling display of entertainment!

The Glimmer Fusion Festival held on February 11th, 2023, was an event to remember!

As the organizer, it's hard to relax and enjoy the festivities, but seeing families come together and enjoy the day made it all worth it. Fortunately, videographer Carl Gallie captured the magic, and it's a fitting tribute to the incredible entertainment on display.

Our vision for the festival was to create an unforgettable day for families to enjoy, and we pulled out all the stops. We knew how important it was to provide fun and inspiring events for families, especially in a time when Jersey has lost so many event spaces.

The festival featured Brainiac Live, who brought science to life with loud bangs, explosions, and a rocket-fuelled spinning chair that left everyone in awe.

The laugh-out-loud duo, Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show, with comedian Jarred Christmas and 'Hobbit,' a world champion beatboxer, provided subtle humour for the adults and maximum entertainment for the kids. With plenty of crowd interaction, the team created a song from crowd noises on their loop station, as well as recreated animal noises on demand from children!

Troy The Magician, who worked with some of the largest corporate companies in the world, left the audience stunned with his jaw-dropping performance. The highlight was when he retrieved a £10 note from inside a Kiwi, which was inside a box given to a lady in the audience at the start of the show! He also put 20 needles in his mouth, added a thread, and pulled them all out on the string, leaving the audience in a state of wonder.

Local talent also had a chance to shine, with Jungle Jane captivating children with unusual reptiles and big bugs. The Jersey Showman performed an outstanding laser show with lasers from his specially designed suit shining into the crowd.

Hoops and Glitter brought their own brand of fun to the music hub, getting everyone hooping and glittered up for a day of festival fun. The London Mariachi Band who flew in from London brightened up the day with their traditional Mexican music. The fantastic local acts The Word on The Street got us tapping our feet to their upbeat brass tunes, while young Lewis Schollhammer sang away our winter blues. DJs Sam Marx and Wonky's Paul 'Hedgie' Herridge kept the crowd going and kids bouncing and hula-hooping to the music throughout the day.

In the silent disco tent, kids boogied to different songs on their headphones, listening to sing-along classics on one channel and DJs Jay Lynch, Damian Salgado, Hedgie, or Sam Marx on the other. The festival truly provided a day packed with awesome entertainment that families could enjoy together, making it a memorable experience for all!

The Glimmer Team are already planning our next events. keep your eyes pealed!


"We had the best day with the kids. Was just as much fun for the adults. Can see how much planning went into it all. It was fantastic. Kids didn't want to leave. Thank you. Please do it again.xx"


"Incredibly professional and entertaining day, the employees on hand were so lovely and the acts were fantastic what a great event!"


"A brilliant day. Fantastic performances from all. An immense amount of work went into putting the festival together and it really showed. Thank you "


"Fantastic, fun-packed afternoon. Well done & thank you to all the performers and organisers."


"Absolutely fantastic day, kids loved it and so did the mums!"


"We had such a great day, the kids did not want to leave. Such excellent value for a whole day of entertainment. Jersey needs more of this!"


"Thank you for putting together exciting and inspiring events for the children of Jersey"


Thank you to all of our "Glimmer Family" of volunteers who kindly gave up their time for us to give you all a wonderful festival experience; and to our collaborators who made this happen. A shout-out to our local providers:

Food and Drink:

- Al Fresco Events

- Kismet Cabana

- Rustic Jersey (Crepes and Candyfloss)

- Pizza Box


- The Royal Jersey Showground (

- AP Event Services (

- Outdoor Entertainment (Inflatable Disco)

- Wonky Factory (Silent Disco Headhpones)

- HappyHops (Softplay)

- Signage and chillout zone (Charlotte and Ryan Herve)

- Jersey Library (providing some books and activities in the chill out section)

Performers and workshops:

- The Jersey Showman (

- Word on the Street (

- Lewis Schollhammer

-Kate the Artist (Kate o'Haire)

-Mel the Maker (Melanie)

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