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One of the UK's most renowned STEM performers is coming to town!

Updated: May 23, 2022

We at Glimmer Events look to host fun family-friendly events which have a focus on STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Maths).

We are feeling inspired following a fantastic field trip to London and Oxford, where we took the time to visit the Oxford Maths Festival which put on various shows and workshops to intrigue interest in maths.

The key message for everyone there was understanding how maths is not just working out the sum of some numbers, but how it is interwoven into nearly everything we do.

Children making shapes at the Oxford Maths Festival

Maths helps us make calculated decisions (probabilities), weigh up the pros and cons, solve problems and work out solutions. It is embedded into our decision-making and a fundamental tool for children to learn which they will use in some form in adult professional life.

We also learned that Maths can be very entertaining too!

I mean, we certainly didn't know it was possible for our 6-year-old son to be able to jump through a hole made in an A4 sheet of paper (hint: there's a secret method of cutting the paper!).

With this in mind, we are excited to be welcoming our next international act, who has performed at festivals throughout the UK and has been invited to perform all over the globe in over 20 countries, in far-flung regions such as the Far East and the Middle East.

Dr. Ken Farquhar is one of the UK's most renowned Science entertainers (not to mention a world juggling champion!). He will be performing his show "It doesn't add up" at the Arts Centre in June, where he will entertain us with his 'Magical' tricks. But are they magic or maths?

Designed to engage, inspire and educate young people, ‘It doesn’t add up’ is a mathematical show like no other.

Expect less sleight of hand and more dexterity in maths. , From card tricks to the Rubik’s cube, the height of a Diabolo throw, juggling patterns, shape-shifting numbers and other astounding stunts and marvelous trickery, you won’t want to miss this mind-bending show!

We are delighted to be able to extend the family ticket offer to all families now that the Arts Centre are back to full capacity. Tickets are £13 each or you can purchase the family deal for 2 children plus an adult for £32.

Purchase your tickets here:

Suitable for all ages from 4 upwards.

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