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CIRCUS FUN IN JERSEY: The Strongwomen Science Show

What an incredible weekend of Science we have just had!

If having the science circus come to town has shown us anything, it’s that science doesn’t have to stop at the classroom or at the lab door!

The StrongWomen Science team were able to magnificently show us how the two interlink and how circus performers have to take advantage of the laws of gravity, physics and biology to understand what is possible when it comes to their bodies.

Indeed our six year old son came from the show describing the fire triangle to me and how without heat you cannot have fire “but there is a trick to get water to light up…by adding fuel on it!”.

We at Glimmer are excited when we hear that just by having a fun day out with the family, the kids retain the knowledge they secretly learned at the show and get excited about scientific concepts.

Hopefully this will encourage some of them to ask more questions and try to discover more about their interests. Who knows, this might lead towards the development of our future doctors, engineers, scientists and technology experts!

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