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PHOTOGRAPHY FOR KIDS: and ideas for photography activities they can get involved in

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Kids today love taking photos on phones or tablets. Sometimes the result is hilarious sometimes random and sometimes surprisingly amazing. Its so much fun to see the world how your child sees it through the camera.

This Winter/Spring weather is perfect for taking photos with all the changing colours of the season. It is also a great time to get kids outdoors in their in their wellies or trainers to help ease the cabin fever of Lockdown. I love the idea of giving your child a little project to work on with the camera.

Here are three ideas you could try with your kids:

1. Pick a theme for the day: (Recommended age 5+)

· Nature/ logs/ leaves/branches

· Colour. Eg take photos of anything red you see

· Alphabet and letters/writing /signs. My eldest son loves looking out for signs and making up what he thinks they mean. So I am planning to try this out with him.

2. Ask your child to take a series of pictures that will help them to create a story.(Recommended age 8+)

· You could surprise them and get this made into a little booklet for them that they will be proud of. Perhaps a little stocking filler idea?

· Or your child might want to create a story around a particularly interesting picture that they took.

Go out searching for specific subject matter (all ages)

· My son loves nature trails that involve looking for bugs and little critters. He always points out snails hidden in walls or spiders hanging from trees. An interesting idea would be to go out in search of them as photo subjects.

· If bugs are not their thing, another idea is to go down by the pond …and take photos of the ducks or find some jersey cows or search out the roaming chickens that hang out by Noirmont if you dare!

· The kids might also enjoy going down to the Jersey zoo and taking some snaps of the animals to create some lovely memories.

Photography is a great way to encourage creativity in young children, improve decision making as kids learn to take photos with intent and chose subjects matter. It also helps to improve fine motor skills while they practice the art of not taking blurry pictures.

Why not give it a whirl this weekend with an old camera or be brave and hand over your I-phone! The main thing is to let the kids have fun with it… you never know they might unleash their talent.

If your child between the ages of 7 and 16 Check out our Facebook competition for a chance for them to win some great prizes with @Glimmer Events Jersey and @Daisy Barnard Photography!

Its a great way for the kids to embark on a project, working with the camera, that will help lift the mood!

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