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Hands up if you love Autumn!

Lovely breeze, pumpkins and the sound of crackling leaves under our feet!

Speaking of autumn leaves, here are some fun LEAF related activities you can do with the little ones:

MAKE A LEAF MOBILE TO HANG UP: You need: • collect different sized leaves • Glue • Fabric or colourful paper • String • Small branch/ stick Glue colourful paper and or different fabrics to one side of each leaf. Cut out excess paper or cloth to make the shape of the leaf. Tie a string on each leaf. You may add some colour using paint to the leaves if you wish. Suspend the leaves from the small branch. Hang them where they might catch a breeze.

MAKE LEAF “GLITTER” collect old brown leaves- (you can leave to dry if a little damp) and then crumble them up! You could also paint the leaves before you crumble them to make different coloured “glitter” Draw a nice picture -apply a light coat of glue or wet paint–sprinkle with you leaf glitter! Add some actual sparkly glitter if you have some too to spice it up!

MAKE A FACE LEAF COLLAGE: Collect different types and sizes of Autumn leaves. Draw a face or faces on a paper. Glue the leaves with the different colours to make the different features of the face for example skinny leaves for hair etc. you can then add to and complete the faces by adding markers or paint for some of the facial features

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