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Getting Out and About in Winter : 3 Walking Activities To Do With Kids in Jersey.

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Walking is a great way of encouraging mindfulness and wellness in children as it is an age-old activity that helps us to connect with nature, clear our minds and take in the fresh air to promote a “feel good” mentality within ourselves. Jersey has many walkways and cliff paths that are ideal for exploring with children of all ages. Below we look at 3 relatively short walks that can be enjoyed by all the family and that we have certainly enjoyed in winter as well as in the other 3 seasons.

1. Water works Valley: St Lawrence

This is a lovely little walk, which is not too long (around 1 km). We have been going there since my son was 3 years and enjoyed following the sculptured life cycle of the Jersey crapaud along the route. Its lovely in the summer but we have also done the walk with other families in winter and spring and the kids thoroughly loved getting involved in some muddy fun.

So if you don’t mind wrapping up and putting on the wellies this is one walk you and your children will enjoy as there are plenty of muddy puddles to manoeuvre around or splash into!

2. St Catherine woods

This is another favourite of ours with its stepping-stones and shallow streams that the kids like playing in. It also has some gentle slopes to run up and down and lots of logs to perch on for a snack or a rest. The little paths are just varied enough to keep it interesting too.

3. Winter beach walks

Jersey beaches are just as beautiful to walk on in the winter as in the summer. There is something quite satisfying about a walk along the sea or playing at the beach while all wrapped up in winter woollies. My son loves rock pooling and looking out for little sea critters during the low tide.

Collecting shells is another activity that Children will enjoy especially if you make a challenge out of it. For example finding the biggest, or certain coloured shell. For older kids taking photos or drawing interesting things you find on your walk might be an interesting activity for all the family to get involved in.

For a family friendly organised walk check out the “Family Walk on the Seabed to Seymour Tower”

For families with youngsters from ages 4-14.

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